Junior World Championships & Keeping Your Average Card Current

(Written By Al Means; Posted By Tami)

This year will be especially meaningful for our Georgia Youth, as the 2016 Junior World Skeet Championships will be held July 22–24, 2016 at the Forest City Gun Club in Savannah, GA.  This is a great opportunity for our GISA and SCTP shooters to compete against the best young people in the country.

Some things to keep in mind about this shoot:

  • All competitors must be members of the NSSA. If anyone is a first year shooter, there is a Limited Complementary Membership (CLM) available.  Everyone else should renew their membership for 2016.  Renewed members should have already received their NSSA 2016 Classification, Shoot Record and membership cards.
  • There are no Classes in the Junior World; only concurrent events, Sub Junior, Junior, Collegiate, and groups within the concurrent. Example: 12 Gauge Event, Sub Junior, Group 1, is anyone under 14, with an average 94 and above.
  • Competitors must have an established average. The Rule Book says “The average for a new shooter competing in a team or other event that has been divided into classes shall simply be his/her current average for the gauge entered. A new shooter who has not shot his/her first registered event and thus has no classification in the required gauges is not eligible to enter these events.”
  • This is a Four Gun Competition. Shooters don’t have to compete in all four gauge events, but, historically, squadding preference is given to four gun shooters first.
  • Fortunately, there will be ample opportunity to establish an average before July 22! The full Georgia shoot schedule will soon be available on our GSSA website. www.gaskeet.org

                                                                                                    Presidential Soapbox

I know from my experience in running shoots that many shooters do not understand how important it is to properly maintain the shoot record if you intend to participate in NSSA events.  I hate to quote the Rule Book, but in this instance, I will:  ” A shooter who fails to keep all of his/her correct scores posted on his/her card and shoots in a lower class than one in which his/her record places him/her shall forfeit any winnings earned while shooting in the wrong class for the first offence, and for the second offense shall forfeit all winnings and also be disbarred from registered competition for one year.”  Similarly, if you mistakenly shoot in a higher class, you are in effect “declaring up” and may not shoot in a lower class for the rest of the year.

Below is the actual entire NSSA shoot history of one of our Georgia Junior shooters.  By rule this shooter “Self Declared” into AA in 2013 and 2014 and then came back and shot in E class both years. By rule, this shooter should start the 2016 year in B Class.  As you can see, misreporting and a lack of understanding of the NSSA Classification system has done this shooter a huge disservice.

Date Shoot 12 Ga Reported Class Average Class By Average Class By Rule
6/26/12 Georgia State Championships 77/100 E .77 E E
7/21/12 SCTP 160/200 E .79 E E
9/9/12 US Open Skeet Championships 81/100 E .795 E E
6/15/13 Georgia SCTP 91/100 AA .818 E AA
7/18/13 SCTP Nationals 169/200 E .826 E AA
6/29/14 Georgia SCTP 97/100 AA .854 D AA
7/17/14 SCTP Nationals 179/200 E .881 D AA
7/18/15 SCTP Nationals 181/200 D .896 D A


You cannot depend on the online NSSA Database or the NSSA APP to be an accurate replacement for your shoot record, the online database is not real time and can be as much as 3-4 weeks behind.  Keep your card up to date and figure your classes and averages BEFORE you come to registration, and you will always be right. Enough Said!

Any thoughts, comments or questions can be addressed to wvskeet@att.net or 678.315.0935 (voice)

Al Means,
GSSA President (Mr. Princess)

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